Welcome to my wonderful world of oil painting techniques.

Leone Tonkinson comes from an architectural background from the shores of Southern Africa where her art journey began at a very early age. As a child she noticed the importance of art as a language which could stir up something deep within, an in-depth crave for inquisition, creation and a keen examination of her self in the world around her.

As a young adult settling into a career, she embraced the applications of PHI, design and architecture in her art. It began to shape and influenced her art making with an extended passion for a new found relationship between light and color. Leone began to realize a sheer physical transformation in her work, and it startled her.

With the added studies in entrepreneurship and business, Leone set out to share her experiences with other artists. As a teacher she witnessed the before and after in the lives of her students. She saw how they began to tap into their creativity and the warm fuzzy glow in their eyes as they became confident in the connection to their own creative energies.