Dutch Roemer - Constanteijn Huggens Glass - HD Aluminum ChromaLux Limited Edition - 40x28cm

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<p _msttexthash="283082267" _msthash="253">< h2> < Dutch Roemer - Constanteijn Huggens Glass < h3> HD Aluminum ChromaLuxe Metal Print 40x28 cm.< br /> Limited Edition of 125 signed by the Artist < p> < br /> < p> < TIP: < br /> I recommend a museum-quality Limited Edition on aluminum for the most rewarding special effect.< br /> Please note postage is not included. < p> < br /> < p> < < em> What Is a Museum Quality Print? < p> Also known as archival or Giclee prints, museum-quality images undergo a < < em> Sophisticated Printing Method using an inkjet printer. These illustrations use color-matching techniques and utilize high-quality archival ink and materials that a gallery or museum would approve of. </p>