Wild Hare - Open Edition Fine Art Giclée Paper Print - 40x30cm

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Productnr.: DSLCT18WH

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<p _msttexthash="424604674" _msthash="237">< p _msttexthash="429406341" _msthash="246"> < h1 _msttexthash="80093" _msthash="207"> WILD HARE < p _msttexthash="180882" _msthash="206"> Artwork area < h3 _msttexthash="205517" _msthash="205"> 40cm(h) x 30cm(w) < p _msttexthash="43498" _msthash="204"> Scan < h3 _msttexthash="60918" _msthash="203"> 600dpi < p _msttexthash="136617" _msthash="202"> Printed on < h3_msttexthash="413426" _msthash="201"> Hahnemühle Photo Rag@ < p _msttexthash=" 670618" _msthash="200"> Museum-quality Fine Art Paper < h3 _msttexthash="100360" _msthash="199"> 308 grams < p> < br /> < p> < br /> < p _msttexthash="50654461" _msthash="198"> Note: < br /> Complete with a 1mm gold fine-line border surrounding the artwork. Accented with a white border primarily for decorative purposes, just like a classic photographer, thus allowing you the convenience of placing your print in passe-partouts and a minimum of 5 cm white margin to guarantee a clean cutting edge. </p>